Justin Bieber, who is probably still recovering from that little smackdown last week--physically and spiritually--is taking on a new impenetrable wall: tabloids!

from Bieber's Instagram

But, really.

The singer's rage is specifically pointed at Hollywood Life, which everyone knows is more or less a neon pink Lisa Frank lunchbox full of hot flaming garbage.

Bieber, apparently fed up with a string of false items about him and his love life, posted this message to his 71.6 million Instagram followers, urging his rabid disciples to help get the reviled site shut down for good.

Not surprisingly, Bieb's sway caused H.L. to pull most of the stories -- including one about Gigi Hadid warning Bieber's newest lady of his playboy ways -- from the 'net. (Two other posts about Selena Gomez being "totally over" Bieber are also no longer.)

Never underestimate the awesome, terrifying power of teen girls on social media.

In other news, you can donate to a GoFundMe page, made by Orlando-based LGBT advocacy group, The Center, which benefits the victims of Sunday's shooting, and their families.

Here's a CrowdRiseFund, called "We Stand With Pulse," another fund for the victims of the massacre, as well as their families.

If you're feeling particularly affected by this tragedy, and, by the way, it's still completely OK to be completely devastated, here's a crisis hotline, where specialists are on call to chat: (407) 227-1446.

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