Justin Bieber, who not even a day ago was gracing the stage of the Billboard Music Awards, took to Instagram today and gave a fairly scorched-earth lament about his disdain for award shows, and his thirst of life's truth.

Well, sort of.

The pop superstar, who was nominated last night for his excellent 2015 album Purpose, took home "Top Male Artist" only (a great feat in itself), but many are accusing the singer of sore loser syndrome.

Also, those SHEEP.

But it feels like something greater is happening; his face tat, his barefoot walk through Boston, feeding squirrels.

It's lonely at the top...by top, I mean, the stratosphere--his sprawling palatial abode in the sky, empty and daunting.

"I wonder," Justin thinks, looking up at the gossamer film of nothingness separating us and the awesomely huge, midnight vacuum above--so close to infinity, to forever.

"I wonder if there's anyone else, anything else."

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