Just Cuz: Dirty Beaches At Glasslands


We fell in love with Dirty Beaches (a/k/a Alex Zhang Hungtai)'s grimey, slightly menacing croon-pop down at SXSW in March and have been smitten ever since. (Look for a profile on him in our upcoming May issue.) If you've yet to hear Dirty Beaches, the folks over at GEMS put together this video of Hungtai performing "Sweet 17, " off his new LP Badlands, at a Glasslands/ Popgun show earlier last month. Hungtai has talked about film's influence on his sound in a few interviews, which you get glimpses of in his live performance as well, from his '50s rock yelp to his bad-dude at-the-sock-hop swagger. Catch him at Mercury Lounge and Glasslands respectively next month on May 12th and May 13th. 

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