Oscar-nominated actress, rockstar, and coolest Scientologist we know, Juliette Lewis, low-key has the greatest Facebook page of any celebrity out there, using vlogs to illustrate her outstanding take on existence.

Yesterday morning, Lewis offered up this gorgeous summation of Sunday morning, entitled "NOT NOW ADELE."

In the clip, she begins with, "Hey friends, I'm in a bad mood; who wants to surf the radio with me? What'dwe got?"

When she goes to turn on said radio, the first song she hears, of course, is Adele's torturously sad "Hello," which prompts the star to immediately yell, "FUCK YOU I'M DYING!!!!!! NOT NOW!"

NOT NOW ADELE!! #badmoodradiosurfing
Posted by Juliette Lewis on Sunday, November 15, 2015

And then I wept a little, because YES... especially after this weekend, yes.

Fortunately, she changes the tearful ballad, and lands on Cool Dad Lenny Kravitz's immortal classic "Fly."

"OK, Lenny!" She says. "YEAH!'

Here is another gem from Lewis' shimmering page...

Listen... You killed it today! Whew! Take that "Mercury in retrograde"!
Posted by Juliette Lewis on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


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