Saturday night, comedian Julie Klausner -- star of Hulu's Difficult People and host of the How Was Your Week podcast, tweeted comments about Zendaya's thinness during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, using the former Disney star's much-covered response to Giuliana Rancic's dreadlocks commentary as the punchline.

Zendaya was accepting the Favorite Female TV Star award when Klausner began tweeting about her slim frame, saying "You don't have to have an eating disorder to attend the Kids' Choice Awards … but it helps" and that "Zendaya's ultimate retort to Giuliana Rancic is starving herself down to the size of one of her elbowz." The latter remark was a reference to an Instagrammed statement the 19-year-old wrote last year in response to Rancic's comments that Zendaya's dreadlocks were making her "look like she smells like patchouli oil and weed" last year.

Zendaya responded with "Do you think this is funny? I will write another paragraph to educate aswell #youreallywannabenext?" and followed up with a "#weallwinning" affirmation to girls of all shapes.

However, other responsers dug deeper into Klausner's comments.

Klausner, however, stands by what she said:

But offered the following:

Zendaya has yet to give her promised response. Klausner's rep declined our request for comment.

[h/t Page Six]

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