While promoting his new movie with Amy Schumer, Trainwreck, Judd Apatow stopped by the Tonight Show and performed his first stand-up routine in 23 years. He uses the first half of his act to joke about his family life, how he's a "troll" living amongst three beautiful women (his wife, Leslie Mann, and two daughters Maude and Iris) and later segues into a bit about the state of Judaism in 2015. But it's at the 2:35 mark that he pulls out the comedic punches and does an extended riff on, and amazing impression of, Bill Cosby. He rakes The Cos over the coals for the rape allegations against him while nailing the comedian's signature doddering cadences and mannerisms. And, like all good comedians who use humor to comment on social/cultural/political affairs, Apatow gets a pointed dig in at Cosby's wife and her adamant defense of her husband. Watch the clip above.