Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the VIP lounge, fake writer JT Leroy reappears.

Last week I got an excited message from event producer Bryan Rabin of Rabin Rodgers Inc. So excited in fact that I could hardly make out what he was saying. Something about someone calling him and wanting to get back on the list to be invited to fabulous parties but he didn't know who he was talking to until she said she was OMG! blah blah blah then she OMG! blah blah blah then OMG! you have to call me on my cell. Click. So I called and discovered that the name that was slurred on my voicemail was none other than that of the infamous Laura Albert.

"My assistant had been talking to this person for a while," Bryan hurridly told me. "And I could tell she was having trouble with them so I took the phone and said excuse me who is this and what can I do for you? Well, the woman on the other end was going on and on about how she used to be on the Untitled list and wanted to get back on that list so she could be invited again to parties and I finally said wait a minute, wait a minute, excuse me but who ARE you? Are you talent? Are you a writer? And she said, 'I'm both. I'm JT Leroy!' Well, Ann, I just lost it and read her out, told her what a liar she was and how despicable it was to use HIV and AIDS as a ploy for sympathy when people we know have suffered and died of the disease and are still suffering and dying from it and..."
Bryan was clearly incensed. He then proceeded to share the many choice words he had for the imposter. After a string of (expletives deleted) he summarily hung up on her.

PAPER blog readers may remember Bryan from My JT Leroy Story. He was one of the first people to immediately suspect that the transgressive hillbilly hustler from San Francisco (by way of West Virginia truck stops) was a fake from the get-go. Bryan was about the only person in Hollywood to smell that rat. But then again, with so many rats scurrying around Tinsel Town, how are people to discern one stinker from another?  Bryan, who has an extra special olfactory organ, obviously can!


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