Joshua Jackson Wins Best Met Gala Photobomb

by Elizabeth Thompson

Joshua Jackson wins Best Photobomb of the Night at the Met Gala...[E!]

...but Jennifer Lawrence's photobomb of SJP comes in at a close second. [ImWithKanye]

Dress by Internet. [UsWeekly]

John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon had a lip-synching competition last night on Late Night and it was pretty amazing. Who knew John was such a Katy Perry fan? [Uproxx]
New favorite tumblr alert: Horror Icons in Light-Hearted Movies. [Jezebel]

Uh, the potoo is our new favorite bird. Where have these Jim Henson Creature Shop creations of the nature world been all of our lives? They're like a cross between the Phillie Phanatic and ancient feathered frog-dinosaurs and we're in loooove. [LaughterKey]

If we knew how to dance, run, or ever worked out, we would be this awesome guy. Great moves, guy! [LaughingSquid]

A very under-sung candy. [Pizzzatime]

Oh god, this video about baby badgers who live at a sanctuary in the UK has so many great things: A sunny caretaker, a badger cub greedily drinking out of a bottle, another cub trying to use a telephone and tiny sandwiches. Too much!

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