photo by Patrick McMullan

Social media super-star/former MLB star Jose Canseco has just announced that he will be living as a woman for one whole week to support Caitlyn Jenner. And you can watch it all on an upcoming episode of his web reality show, Spend a Day With Jose.

This all coming from a man who initially said he was "kind of against" Caitlyn's transition. 

I'm all for Canseco doing a 180 and supporting Caitlyn's transition and possibly taking steps to educate himself about transgender people, when it's not, of course, just a promotional gimmick for his show.

After all how would dressing like a woman for a week give him any insight into what actually being transgender is like?

So Jose, here's an idea: If you really care about trans rights, instead of treating trans people as a self-promotional platform, why not just be vocally supportive of Caitlyn Jenner, or speak out against trans violence or any of the other many issues directly facing that community right now? Or even better, put the energy you give to tweeting about sand and dog barf to signal boost a trans activist?