JVN Is Cosmo's First Non-Female Cover Star in 35 Years

JVN Is Cosmo's First Non-Female Cover Star in 35 Years

Jonathan Van Ness is no stranger to wearing gowns or covering glossies, but his latest in both departments made history. This week the non-binary TV star, author and podcaster covers CosmopolitanUK, as their first non-female cover star in 35 years. Channeling Demi Lovato's "La La Land" ("Who said/ I can't wear my Converse/ with my dressssss?") in Nikes and a sorbet orange ruffly Christian Siriano gown, the cover line simply reads: "Yep. We did it. You're totally welcome."

Indeed, it's a sight for sore eyes. "Thanks for having me @CosmopolitanUK showing more variations of beauty for young LGBTQ people," Van Ness wrote on Twitter.

JVN recently came out as non-binary, though he prefers he/him pronouns. The Queer Eye cast member also revealed that he's HIV positive, an experience he elaborates on in his new book Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love. Debuting the day after World AIDs Day, his cover is striking. The accompanying story's not out yet ("stay tuned for all the JVN goodness coming your way") but according to Cosmo UK's executive editor Amy Grier, they discuss "Brexit, Bake-Off and Bernie Sanders." Hm, will JVN Bernie's latest celeb endorsement, following Ariana Grande and Cardi B?

A rep for Cosmo UK confirmed to Yahoo! News that Boy George was their last non-female cover star. In 1984, Boy George covered the magazine in a perm, opera gloves, diamonds and lipstick, with the coverline "Why Boy George would kill for love." One Direction covered Cosmo in 2012 as a group… but just in suits. Boring! Surely Cosmo is now angling for their solo Harry-in-a-dress cover. But so are we. The race is on.

Congrats to JVN! The magazine hits stands Thursday, January 5.

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