Joint Chinese/Russian Military Excercise (plus The Simpsons) for MAY DAY!

YIKES! Happy May Day? No wonder NASA wants to keep those commies off the moon! But wait a minute, are the Russians even commies anymore? And with everyone scrambling to get their business into China, what does that make them? Or us? One thing is for sure, if these two superpowers team up we're all having Kung Pow Stroganoff for din-din. But what are the folks on YouTube saying?

Are you MAD really there would be no war there never will be. The Nukes and Neutrons keep world Peace, the US would never attack and Likewise there would be victor in a conflict just anhilation.

Russia and CHina are strongest allies on the world! US have no chance against RUssia and CHina!

Now see, this area might be one thing that we both have in common. I have no respect for bush or his minions. I would be the happiest person in the world if they impeached his ass. Having said that, having his as president is still better than living unider commie china.

Since you're so convinced. I will propose the following. Can you drive to Bush's Texas ranch and enter one of the near by bar and yell out the thing and report back.

LOL. Us guys the with the MBA are what feeding China today so you better show some appreciation.

Better order that Chinese for Dummies now! Meanwhile, on the lighter side:

Good luck Vladimir. That will never happen. Only a well-placed asteroid will do it!

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