Old school New Yorkers all have a warm spot in their cold hearts for Bar d'O a little bar in the West Village, helmed by Indochine proprietor Jean Marc Houmard. The bar hosted raucous cabaret nights with some of the Naked City's most talented-and bawdy- performers. Joey Arias and Sherry Vine were two of the place's fixtures and they'll be reunited at Indochine on Sunday, December 18th for a Bar d'O reunion. We caught up with the two queens to find out what patrons can expect!

Can you tell us about the first time you ever performed at Bar d'O.

JOEY: Jean Marc approached me about performing at a bar called Glow Worm and he wanted to rebrand it as Bar d'O with Raven and I.

SHERRY: Joey saw me perform as Edith Piaf at Florent for Bastille Day and invited me to join her and Raven. I remember being terrified to talk! I had never "riffed" it was always prepared. I really learned so much watching Joey and Raven.

What kinds of tomfoolery can people expect at the reunion?

SHERRY: Well the bathrooms don't lock at Indochine like they did at Bar d'O! lol. It's a classy event! Of course, it always ends with people dancing on the bar but we try to elevate it and turn it out… then it's anything goes!

Does doing it at Indochine make it different in anyway?

JOEY: It raises it to a classy reunion level. Everyone dresses up and everyone loves Indochine and it's all in the family.

Have the audiences changed in any way since the old Bar d'O days?

JOEY: New audiences maybe have heard stories - folklore - about the ancient days and want to experience that and of course we have the "regulars" who came 20 years ago and still come!

SHERRY: Audiences in general have changed! But I find at the Bar d'O Reunion people have show etiquette! They are not on Grindr while you're singing!

Who is more of a ham, you or your co-star?

JOEY: It depends on what kind of ham you're talking about, kosher or non?? LOL.

SHERRY: Lol! Well, we are both show girls to the core and what I love about being onstage with Joey is she will go anywhere you want to go. She never says no and is so open to spontaneity!

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