When Beyonce or Rihanna drop an amazing new single, it's almost impossible for anyone with access to a camera and a YouTube account to resist creating their own version, some mystifying neuterings of the material and some excellent elevations of the original. The latest in the glut of covers comes from Joe Jonas and his band DNCE.

They took the song's title ("Work," if you weren't aware) and went with a very literal interpretation. The middle Jonas brother and crew go for full-on cubicles-meet-quirk, chewing on manila folders and snapping stapler castanets, spiking the song with dial-up modem sound effects. They end the only way this can, by going full Office Space on a fax machine. Of course, this cover stands out for superior work by an adorable dog in a suit.


So we're all agreed, right? Let's call a moratorium on pop song covers, even the ones with cute puppies.

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