In her latest collaboration with Super Deluxe, Joanne the Scammer has invaded the Home Shopping Network (Joanne Scamming Network, for you amateurs), and gives us non-caucasian viewers at home a glimpse into the "Joanne the Scammer Starter Kit."

Featuring an extremely caucasian model named "Berkeley," Joanne gives us some major hints into how to be a true messy bitch:

Persian llama fur coat: on sale for $7,858.80 (llama beaten by P.Diddy, on sale for $9,872)

Law and Order DVD set, featuring "the black actor:" on sale for $300.00

Hairpiece: $600.00

Pack of Bootleg Newport Cigarettes: $11.13

Ski mask: $50.00

All of these can be yours; call now! 1-844-603-SCAM.

By the way, that number is real.

Watch below.

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