Joan Rivers Was on The Tonight Show and It Was the Best

by Elizabeth Thompson

Joan Rivers was on the Tonight Show last night after being banned from the network's late night circuit for almost 30 years, and her interview was so fun and tender. Joan 4 lyfe!

Watch Lindsay Lohan scream "I worked with Lily Tomlin!" while she and Billy Eichner destroy a car with a sledgehammer. [PopCultureBrain]

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Does New Hampshire's Dover Jazz Ghost play a sax and wear shades? Should we move to NH? [Mlkshk]

Speaking of ghosts, these photos of ghosts having fun times by artist Angela Deane are so good. [Flavorwire]

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Watch this model transform into Marge Simpson and try to sleep tonight. Those eyes, those eyeeeees. [Uproxx]

Hipster Meryl Streep [Twentytwowords]

Movie posters re-imagined for another place and time by artist Peter Sutts. [Behance]

Subscribe. [FYouNFMe]

ICYMI: This video of a road-ragey tail-gating Florida driver getting served a nice cold plate of karma is pretty excellent. He was later arrested. [Uproxx]

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