Jimmy Kimmel Tricked "Fashion Types" Into Talking About Nonexistent Designers

by Max Kessler

Jimmy Kimmel's made asking fanboys and fangirls about things that don't exist into an art form and now he's made a new segment where fashion-y people are asked their opinions on cuckoo designers and fashion week goings-on that aren't real in any way, shape, or form. At the beginning of the clip, we felt a little sorry for the interviewees: NYFW has such a packed schedule with so many different brands that it's totally possible to get mixed up and think that "George Costanza" might be an up-and-coming hipster label. But when Jimmy & Co. started showing photos of Photoshopped watermelons and dog poop on runway models' heads and all people said was "it's called fashion, look it up," we lost all sympathy. If there's one thing these clips consistently teach us, it's NOT to comment on something you've never heard of.

[via Towleroad]

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