Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About the Worst Things Their Mothers Have Ever Said

by Max Kessler

Jimmy Kimmel asked young kids about the worst thing they've ever heard their mothers say and the answers are, as usual, hilarious. [via Towleroad]

Here are Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen -- who's really rocking a lewk -- hanging out in Times Square with Elmo because life is good. [via Gawker]

We need to go on field trip to Hangzhou, China, where some kind soul has set up a crab vending machine for those who "want to chow down on a hairy crab and knock back some booze."

ICYMI: Jeff Wagner, a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate trying to run for mayor of Minneapolis, made a pretty weird/brilliant/mostly weird video which involves him in very wet, clingy underwear, swearing off strip clubs and screaming "WAKE THE F*CK UP!" He may just get the coveted PAPERMAG vote.

Us too, Homer. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

This is what we're doing every time someone we don't like tries to hug us. [via Laughter Key]

I'd watch that. [via mlkshk]

"Fun Spot." [via mlkshk]

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