The early 2000s were an interesting time, a simpler time, a time when people wore toe rings and platform sandals. They were also, apparently, a time when Nicole Kidman had a crush on Jimmy Fallon. On the Tonight Show last night, Kidman revealed to Jimmy that the first time they met, when both were single, she had actually asked a mutual friend to introduce her to the then-SNL star so they could hang out -- hang out in a date-y way. Jimmy, for his part, was still an adorable, clueless twentysomething and totally missed Kidman's signals. Apparently, as Kidman tells it, he wore sweatpants and a baseball hat, served brie and old Chinese food, and ignored Kidman to play video games. Predictably, Jimmy acted shocked and mortified after learning her side of the story and the whole clip is just a delight to watch.
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Story by Jonathan Borge / Photography by Pol Kurucz / Styling by Marko Monroe / Hair by Gigi Goode / Nails by Juan Alvear