Jim Drain and Ara Peterson


Jim Drain and Ara Peterson, Providence-based artists and members of the celebrated art collective Forcefield, have spent the past few years creating "Hypnogoogia," a dizzying installation with rainbow pinwheels, a kaleidoscopic hallway and four spectacular geodesic paintings that rotate slowly on the ground and ceiling. As if that weren't enough, the duo adds to their over-the-top wonderland not only a 12-foot rainbow ottoman but also spinning translucent discs that transform the sunlight streaming through the gallery's skylight into a giddy cacophony of colors on the floor. The point here, the artists say, is to give you a delicious taste of hypnogogia: the surreal state of waking sleep that occurs before nodding off; a heightened reality in which sensory data is enhanced in a woken dream state. They even claim you might hear voices and have weird visions while viewing this work.

Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster St., (212) 343-7300. Through Dec. 24.

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