Jessica Williams is many things: a comedian, a former correspondent for The Daily Show, and a current host of the impossibly addictive 2 Dope Queens podcast. What she is not? Anything short of incredible — and the multi-hyphenate's new movie for Netflix, The Incredible Jessica James, plans to make sure you walk away knowing that.

With the release of the film's official trailer today, we now have a slightly better understanding of what the very well-received movie will give us, and it looks like it will be offering us everything we could possibly want from a movie about struggling 20-somethings: uncomfortable Tinder dates, discussions about how many vibrators one person needs, awkward run-ins with exes, and, of course—because what is a millennial comedy without this—a budding relationship between two people from different worlds.

Unfortunately, we're still two weeks away from The Incredible Jessica James' release.

Catch me hysterically laughing to this trailer on a loop in the meantime.

Splash photo via YouTube