While the Internet has had a sensory overload yesterday with Bernie and the Bird and #SadBenAffleck...

...a Reddit photoshop battle featuring national treasure and 60% of BuzzFeed's annual income, Jennifer Lawrence, is the lowkey winner of this week in memedom.

A wonderfully awkward photo of the Oscar-winner shooting hoops was posted to Reddit with the "Have at it!" greenlight.

Almost immediately, a smattering of magic began to manifest:

Later, Simb!

"Did you have fun in baby gym?!"

"It's after midnight..."


Jacob's Ladder presents JLaw...

Time to come home.

Queen of the sea.


Jen is truly the Black Swan.

Wayward daughter.

What's a meme without cats?

Slay on, Jennifer: the most memeable, Gif-able human in history.

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