Last night's #1 GIF from the 2018 Oscars is unequivocally Jennifer Garner's mid-Oscars realization. The Internet is abuzz with a list of things she was possibly thinking, and I'm here to fan the flames of these theories:

"Why is 'colonel' spelled like that?"

"Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?"


"Why are cars in commercials always driving in deserts, and WHERE ARE THEY GOING?"

"Ariana Grande's 'Into You' will never reach No. 1 on the Hot 100."

"When was the last time I changed the water in my humidifier?"

"If I mix every Lush bath bomb together will I be able to see in the dark?"

"Did I buy a Picasso while on Ambien last night?"

"Lady GaGa will probably never release the sequel to 'Telephone.'"

"Soy sauce never goes bad."

"If I can spell Matthew McConaughey's last name right on the first try am I a witch?"

"What happened to that red wig from Alias?"

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