Sometimes you'll be out, perhaps with friends, living your life, and suddenly it will dawn on you. You left the oven on, you left your straightener plugged in, your mom told you to do something and you didn't, or, as in Kim's case, you forgot your baby.

Jennifer Garner similarly seemed to be enjoying herself last night, when something hit her. While contentedly applauding during the ceremony, the Oscars presenter paused as a look of serious concern flashed across her face.

What Garner remembered exactly we don't know, but it did generate a truly glorious, slightly concerning meme.

Some users mused Frances McDormand's speech may have had an impact on her.

Others could just relate to Garner on a profound level.

Then there was Kobe Bryant.

And finally, a Ben Affleck dig.

I'm sorry, Jennifer. I really hope it all worked out, but otherwise thank you.

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