Jeffree Star's latest social media post has fueled further speculation about his relationship with long-time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt.

Earlier this week, fans began theorizing that the two had split after Star cancelled his European masterclass tour days before it was slated to start, especially after his masterclass co-host MMMMitchell wrote that he was "upset because my friend's upset."

"The worst part is that it really can't be helped and these feelings that Jeffree is feeling," MMMMitchell continued via his Instagram story. "I wish that I could just make them go away."

That said, the rumors really gained traction after fans noticed that the makeup mogul had removed "wifey of Nathan" from his Instagram bio and was no longer selling his "Nathan" pillow online. And now, to add fuel to the fire, a new tweet has people very worried that it may be true.

"Dear God please stop the pain," Star wrote, per several screenshots. And though he's since deleted the post, that hasn't stopped fans from expressing their concern over the potential break up.

See what people are saying, below.

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