Jeffree Star Is The World's Highest Paid Beauty Vlogger

Jeffree Star Is The World's Highest Paid Beauty Vlogger

Jeffree Star may be best known for being a beauty vlogger but anyone familiar with the online personality is sure to tell you he can do so much more. Having gotten his start as a musician on the Warped Tour, Star has continued to release new music alongside his ever-growing viral fame, with rumored Cardi B and SOPHIE collaborations on the way. But more importantly, Star has managed to build his namesake cosmetics brand into a veritable empire.

It should come as no surprise then that Star has landed at the number five spot on Forbes recently released list of Highest-Paid YouTubers. The only beauty vlogger to make the list, Star is reported to have raked in a staggering $18 million in earnings within the past year. On top of that Jeffree Star Cosmetics is estimated to have sold $100 million in makeup, which is a whole lot of lipstick.

While we've all known that YouTubers make some serious coin, the Forbes list looks to be the final hurdle in legitimizing their status as a growing industry. It is still impossible to talk about Star without mentioning some of the controversies that have followed the polarizing figure. Addressing old videos of him shouting racial slurs for the first time last year, Star is prone to a public feud now and then, but his devoted fan base has only seemed to continue growing. Star's place on this list is clearly evidence that he is here to stay.

Photo by Albert Sanchez for PAPER