Jeff Koons Is Hiring

By Max Kessler + Elizabeth Thompson

1) The New York Foundation for the Arts job board has listings for four openings in Jeff Koons' studio, including "wood carver," "Sculpture Painting - Masker," "Sculptor - Stone Carver" and "Sculptor - Moldmaker & Plaster." [Gallerist; photo by Billy Farrell/]

2) OMG, our favorite person in the world Ina Garten has a new line of frozen foods that will hit stores in Spring. Make them for your Jeffrey. [Eater]

3) After selling millions of copies of Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, Bill O'Reilly's next book will focus on the assassination of Christ with Killing Jesus. Kind of jumping the shark, aren't you Bill? Where do you go from there? [Politico]

4) Wow, we never want to be to be on Frank Sinatra's bad side. But we do want to pull on his hairpiece. [ThisIsntHappiness]

5) From the makers of Movie: The Movie comes Movie: The Movie: 2V. Kudos to Bradley Cooper for pointing out an age-old movie problem: zombies are often too sexy

6) Oh, yuck: A new survey shows that fish are usually not what their labeled as. That orange roughy you ordered last night? Probably a fish called "slimehead."  [NYT]

7) Justin Timberlake will do a full week of performances on Jimmy Fallon March 11-15 and will host SNL (OF COURSE) on March 9th. [PopCultureBrain]

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