Jay Pharoah Parodies Kanye with "I Am a Dog"

by Max Kessler

God, Jay Pharoah is good with impressions. He's got Barack Obama and Jay Z down pat and his latest, "I Am a Dog," is a hybrid parody of several recent Kanye West hits. The video parodies the lyrics from "I Am a God" along with the Rick Owens-meets-S&M dungeon master visuals from "Black Skinhead," and it works on every level. Pharoah spits funny lyrics about a day in the life of a pup with that exact Kanye quality of being angry and serious and sneering and arrogant all at once. He also commits to full-on dog-iness with tenacity. The only problem: "I Am a Dog" video could've used a croissant reference. Just sayin'.

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