Janice Dickinson, fearsome television personality, and self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," is getting married to her psychiatrist fiancé, Dr. Robert "Rocky" Gerner, and for the (unspecified) big day, Gerner gave his bride-to-be an early wedding gift: a $25,000 facelift.

Plastic surgery-enthusiast Dickinson--who is essentially a sentient jowl at this point--says she had nothing to do with Rocky's decision, and the good doctor claims his only motivation was to match Janice's hotness.

"I wanted to look my very best. Janice is a supermodel," Gerner told Inside Edition. "I don't have to change for her to love me."

Nope, just your face!

The MENTAL HEALTH DOCTOR's plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei, remarked on the seven hour "AuraLyft," and why it was unexpectedly difficult for the future Mr. Janice Dickinson.

"[Rocky] has a very large face and he's a man, men overall have beards, they have a lot of blood supply under the skin," Talei said.

As a fellow man with a large face, I sympathize with Rocky's plight.

"I love you the way you are!" Janice made sure to tell her someday-hub in the interview.

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