Very, very beautiful, intelligent and all-round dream woman Janelle Monae wants us to withhold sex so I guess we're going to have to do that.

In a new cover story for Marie Claire, who put a whole heap of "fresh faces together" for an empowerment-themed issue branded "The Future is Female", Monae explained that a sex strike could be just the thing to cure this crazy world of ours, otherwise known as "Lysistratic non-action."

"People have to start respecting the vagina. Until every man is fighting for our rights, we should consider stopping having sex. I love men. But evil men? I will not tolerate that. You don't deserve to be in my presence. If you're going to own this world and this is how you're going to rule this world, I am not going to contribute anymore until you change it."

"We have to realize our power and our magic. Because I am all about black-girl magic, even though I'm standing with all women. But this year? This year, I am so carefree black girl."

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