Actor/writer/poet/filmmaker/musician James Franco can now cram "video vixen" on his exhaustingly full occupation tag.

Franco is teaming up with rapper Riff Raff for what appears to be a new video for the rapper's upcoming track "Made In America;" the "artist" showed off a hellauva weave on his Instagram earlier.

Riff tweeted out the preview to his own Twatter followers.

If you'll remember, Mr. Franco embodied Riff aka Jody High Roller in Harmony Korine's demented 2012 film Spring Breakers, playing a grill wearing, corn-row enthusiast/Florida drug dealer named Alien.

While Franco's performance was genuinely wonderful (yes, I'm saying that about James Franco), Riff was not as pleased, and wanted to sue the actor and the film for compensation (a cool $8-$10 million, to be exact).

Clearly, they've made up.

I wonder if James replied to Jody's open call for band members in his newly formed country group; I can imagine the intro to that cover letter:

Hello, my name is James Franco, and I'm a poet...

Watch Riff Raff's latest video for "4 Million."

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