James Franco has done a lot of things in his career: he's acted in cult TV shows, Oscar-winners, and blockbusters; attended three masters programs simultaneously; he's directed adaptations of your entire Freshman American literature course syllabus; he's published a collection of short stories; he's even hosted the Oscars.

For this magazine alone, he's done a Marilyn Monroe impression in a tutu, let a puppy eat peanut butter off of his face, and put on a very adult puppet show.

And, like half the guys you've probably met on Tinder, he's also in a band. This weekend Franco's band, Daddy, released a new song "Lime Green Dress." The Smiths-inspired collaboration with musician Tim O'Keefe is a sneak peak of an album called "Let Me Get What I Want" that will be released on March 18th along with a companion film (because of course there will be a companion film).

And if one moody song isn't enough to Franco to hold you over until March, you could always let him paint your portrait.

Looks like this commenter will be getting her portrait painted. via: instagram.com

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