James Coviello's Night Before the Night Before His Fashion Show

James Coviello

It's the night before the night before the show, and all the loose ends are finally coming together.

Today was really about finalizing looks, models and more fittings. It's always a lot harder to schedule fittings when Fashion Week starts, and everyone is running around with fruit, chocolate and nuts to fuel the frenzy as they run around town.

I always organize my run of show on a giant mirror I got from an 1850s townhouse in Philly. The mirror had to be bolted to the studio wall because it weighs a ton -- literally!
I start by placing the looks in passages, and taping them to the mirror. These are generally the Polaroids that were taken during castings. As I fit each model for her look, I take a new pic and replace the one on the mirror. As looks switch and the lineup evolves, the mirror looks like a crazy patchwork quilt of models...

This season, my theme is loosely based on a book I read, called The Orientalist. It's about Lev Nussimbaum, an early 20th century adventurer and writer. I was fascinated by the area where he came from, Central Asia. I didn't know much about this part of the world before, but quickly learned that some of my favorite design elements have origins in this region. So my collection is a crazy mix of patterns and colors inspired by this unique place!

Central-Asia-inspired patterns

This season was quite unusual as there was an influx of fantastic American beauties, so long missed in the New York fashion scene. I have six in my show so far. I also fit a model today named Alek, who I immediately loved, and as it turns out is from Kazakhstan! What luck!

Alek from Kazakhstan

So it’s late and I have to wrap my head around the idea of taking the subway home (no cabs, thanks to the cabbies on strike). But I will forge ahead in the comfort of knowing it is just for two more nights!

Until tomorrow...


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