Late night talk show savior James Corden's "Carpool" segments, where a dash cam films him driving around and belting out tunes with famous singers, have become a YouTube fixture in the past year.

In his most recent one, The Late Late Show host stopped by his native London, UK over the holidays, and picked up a one Ms. Adele Blue Adkins for a joyride through rainy Londontown.

A trained singer himself, Corden harmonizes with Adele through jaw dropping renditions of her legendary tracks "Hello," "Someone Like You."

Adele looks visibly amazed by James' pipes.

I'm sure he brushed up on his voice lessons in the weeks leading up.

We get some hilarious, uber-Adele anecdotes in her cockney glory--one describes a recent outing where she got drunk for the first time in 8 months while waiting for a tardy friend at a restaurant, then ends up ordering a random family dinner because she overheard it was one of their birthdays.


The real climax comes when not only does Adele sing "Wanna Be" by Spice Girls, but uncannily raps every.single.line from Nicki Minaj's famous verse in Kanye West's "Monster."

Go off, Adele.

Watch below.

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