Shia LaBoeuf collaborator, art litterer and original Star Boy Jaden Smith tweeted yesterday that the release of his very first K-Pop single is imminent.

If this news comes as a surprise to you, you clearly haven't been paying enough attention to Jaden's Twitter feed, where he has been vision boarding his intention to become a K-Pop star since last December. It's a classic case of #MeetsG-DragonOnce.

It's unclear at this juncture what it actually means to make non-Korean K-Pop (EXP's attempt didn't go so well), but I suppose we're going to find out. The reactions to Jaden's announcement were... mixed to say the least.

Personally I'm looking forward to Jaden's foray into KPop, but mostly for the subtweets.

Splash image via BFA/Matteo Pradni

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