Jaden Smith Goes On A Desert Rampage In His "Watch Me" Music Video

Jaden Smith Goes On A Desert Rampage In His "Watch Me" Music Video

Fresh off the announcement that his "art collective" MSFTSrep had signed with Roc Nation, Jaden Smith released a new music video for his single "Watch Me," where the young alien takes a trippy tour around Death Valley in a vintage Thunderbird. Expect swirling color shifts, colorful smoke bombs, lens distortions and a whole lotta textbook teenage 'tude (he's literally wearing a leather jacket that says "fuck off").

However, as we noted when the audio was released two weeks ago, it's impossible to deny that Jaden Smith's "Watch Me" is a near replica of Kanye West's "Black Skinhead." Like, to the extent that if you played them on top of each other, they'd sync up. We will always stan hard for Jaden and his cosmic ways, but there's no getting around the fact that "Watch Me" is the "Black Skinhead" of a CW show that can't afford the rights to "Black Skinhead." "Watch Me" is the clean version of the clean version of "Black Skinhead." But hey, Jaden's aways been tight with the Kardashian-West klan – so maybe it's just an elaborate homage? Appropriation art?

Judge for yourselves below...

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