I just got home from seeing the most incredible Marc Jacobs show I've ever seen. It was totally amazing. Huge voluminous layers of complete contrast (in texture, fabrication, luxe and sporty) covered the models from head to toe. From enormous cartoon wooly booly knitted mushroom head caps paired with glittery chiffon blouses with gold sequinned collars covered in velvety schmata dresses over huge elephant or balloon pants or skirts with sheer silk stockings, huge wooly socks and insane high heeled motorcycle boots topped off with a gigantic short sleeved trench style coat and gigantic purse and a long long hand knitted nubby wooly scarf . AND THAT IS JUST ONE OUTFIT!!! It was ridiculous in the best possible sense. This show had so much inspiration in it with cartoon hints of grunge, Screaming Mimis style vintage ragamuffins, rich hobos, Martin Margielas oversized chic Hermes designs, Stephen Sprouse motorcycle boots.  The styling in this show was just done with abandon. Talk about more is more. Forget jewelry as accessories. Just keep adding more clothing as accessories. These photos are on style.com this morning where you can see every single fabulous outfit.

As you may be able to tell this was definitely my favorite show I've ever seen of Marc Jacobs. I can't wait to see the fashion world's consensus on this one. (This was the kind of show these people could possibly hate.)


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