Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page Get Loud

David Hershkovits

What do you do after directing An Inconvenient Truth, the Academy Award-winning documentary which featured Al Gore talking about the destruction of our environment? Well, if you're Davis Guggenheim the answer is you make a documentary with three of the world's most iconic guitar heroes Jack White (White Stripes etc.), The Edge (U2) and Jimmy Page (Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin). It Might Get Loud is structured around a first-time meeting of the legends in a studio where they sit around, exchange licks and pound out spine-tingling sounds. The big discovery for me here is the reclusive, Page talking about what he does in the most poetic terms -- the mad man from Led Zep turning out to be a gentleman aesthete. Guggenheim's round about way of getting his stars to talk by asking them about geeky, technical stuff works like a charm. You'll want to hear this loud at the theater or at home when you turn up the volume on your DVD player. Rock on!

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