It doesn't take the first family much to do something that incurs the wrath of the majority of the Internet, but this is among one of the special moments that only a Trump and their misguided team would dream up. Prepare to rub your hands together with glee.

Ivanka, in an effort to reinsert herself into the public's good graces after the whole "Complicit" debacle, decided to slither her way onto the cover of US Weekly with the accompanying headline "WHY I DISAGREE WITH MY DAD". Ha. Ha!

Upon it's release, Twitter had a freaking field day. Why? Because this far into the game – and considering the amount of damage Trump has done – if Ivanka does indeed have a voice in the White House, it's clear she's not using it to disagree with him. The inset image also shows her and the Don, all smiles and closer than ever, on the campaign trail. Ivanka comes across more her father's partner in crime than his adversary. Let's not forget US Weekly is owned by the National Enquirer, who's CEO is a close friend of President Trump. Sound unethical? Of course it is!

The Internet responded with gusto, turning Ivanka's hypocrisy to the next great meme to come out of this mess. Let's take a wee look, shall we?

Consider yourself canceled, Ivanka.

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