It's Mountbatten Month on MMBlog!!!

MM is sure you kids were wondering how we could follow up the wildly successful Mitford month on MMBlog. Well MM has one word for you: Mountbatten!!!! In a nutshell, the Mountbatten's got started as the Battenbergs when Alexander of Hesse (brother of Empress Marie Alexandrovna of Russia) married morganatically Countess Julie Hauke. She and their children were given the title Princes of Battenberg. Their eldest son Louis married Princess Victoria of Hesse (a granddaughter of Queen Victoria) and he was First Sea Lord in the British Navy. During WW I, there was anti-German feeling and in a moment of weakness, George V changed all the germanic names in the British Royal Family. Saxe-Coburg Gotha became Windsor. Teck became Cambridge. Battenberg became Mountbatten (berg is german for mountain) and Louis and Victoria became the first Marquess and Marchioness of Milford Haven.

The photo- a favorite of MM's- shows (left to right) Louise Mountbatten (later Queen of Sweden), Louis Mounbatten (Earl Mountbatten of Burma), their cousin Princess Elisabeth of Hesse in her playhouse and George, second Marquess of Milford Haven. Aren't they sweet?


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