It's Mitford Month on MMBlog!!!

It's Mitford month here on MMBlog and lord knows those marvelous and slightly mad sisters provide plenty of material for discussion. We're starting with Unity who is MM's favorite Nazi. There was more to Unity than Nazism and those who knew her as a child say she was unique and delightful. But MMBlog's policy is if you're a Nazi at one point, you're labeled for life (feel free to let the Nazi Pope know I said that).

For those who don't know, the Mitford sisters were the daughters of Lord and Lady Redesdale. They were quite different but all created a sensation. The eldest Nancy was a celebrated writer and wit. Pam was the most rural Mitford. Diana first married Bryan Guiness and then Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists. Jessica became a famous Communist and writer in the US. Deborah became Duchess of Devonshire.

Unity and her sister Jessica were very close as children but ended up on opposite sides of the idealogical divide with Unity becoming obsessed with Hitler and Jessica becoming a virulent communist. Unity moved to Munich and hung out at Hitler's favorite restaurant Osteria Bavaria and eventually met him and became friends. When England and Germany went to war, Unity shot herself in the head and lived!!! Hitler had her sent in a special ambulance to Switzerland where her mother and sister Debo picked her up to bring her back to England. She was the tabloid sensation of her day. She's a fascinating character but it's hard to feel love for anyone who supported Hitler.


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