It's Almost Fashion Week and Mr. Mickey Misses the Jane Girls!

You all know that the delightful Jane magazine went bye-bye and although Mr. Mickey has had lots of time to get over it, the old wound is reopening because it's Fashion Week. Fashion Week is to editors what Spring Break is to drunken sluts. It's where we all get to see each other, catch up and work our pussies! Well Brandon, Julia, Kusum and Heather from Jane were some of my favorite Fashion Week friends, both in New York and Paris, France! Mr. Mickey won't get into too much detail but we had a particularly cuckoo crazy time telling bathroom stories at the Alexander McQueen show! Who will enjoy my new Popo stories?

Always trying to look on the bright side, perhaps having these girls temporarily off the scene might mean a little upward movement for MM in terms of seating at Marc Jacobs! You all know MM's entire self worth is based on his seat at Marc Jacobs (are you reading this KCD?) and with the Jane girls regrouping, Mr. Mickey might make it down to row three!!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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