It's a Great Day for Science

By Max Kessler
1.  Men with beards rejoice: a new study suggests that on average, women and straight men find men with heavy stubble more attractive and think men with beards make better fathers. I can attest that we gays like a good beard too. [via HuffPo]

2.  Actually, it's a great day for everyone. Not only are beards officially sexy, but a research team in Italy found that those who ate pizza regularly were less likely to develop cancer (probably because of a chemical called lycopene found in tomato sauce). So let's all get a slice to celebrate our health. [via Washington Times]

3.  15 NYC subway lines, including the A, C, E, N, Q, R, and G trains will be experiencing disruptions of various kinds through Sunday. This puts a slight damper on our plans to binge on pizza and bearded men all weekend. [via DNA Info]

4.  On May 19th, 23 poets and scholars will do a marathon reading of Hart Crane's "The Bridge" at Brooklyn Bridge Park to celebrate the bridge's 130th anniversary. The reading will be held at 3pm at Pier 1's Granite Prospect. [via Press Release]

5.  Collector's Weekly has a good read on the how Baz Lurhmann's portrayal of flappers in his upcoming film The Great Gatsby fails to talk about the female empowerment behind the movement: "The flapper movement wasn't simply a fashion was a full-blown, grassroots feminist revolution." Read the full article here.

6.  Sigur Rós is appearing on and contributing music to The Simpsons. We've gotta see this one. [via Pitchfork]

7.  Endless buzzkills One Million Moms are now causing a whole lot of hooplah about this Philips manscaping ad. [via Queerty]

8.  And here's a song that's a composite of crazy shit guys say on their OKCupid profiles. Shockingly catchy, no? [via Death and Taxes]

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