You can thank VICE Media for Showtime's new weekly series 3AM -- a late-night stab at OMG chatter and docu-naughtiness starring people whose jobs and lives get going when everyone else is falling asleep. In a belated rush to reach millennials, every major (and minor) media outlet is falling all over themselves to appeal to anybody born after 1980 with NSFW programming. Meanwhile, VICE is moving away from their original '90s audience, one easily lured to a free glossy magazine filled with sex, drugs and fashion "don'ts." They're now into mainstream, investigative reporting via hipster presenters and mega-bucks from Disney and Hearst... and buying older magazines like i-D. Somewhere there are (hopefully) kids born after 1995 looking to start a new, new media company aimed at Generation Z and their 20-something peers. That leaves the millennials to the legacy media -- and the edgy upstarts like HBO and Showtime. I like 3AM, but I'm a baby boomer -- the original hard-to-reach generation -- and I guess this proves that you can still "reach" us with hookers, warehouse raves and The Fat Jew, as seen on this week's episode. Stay tuned next week, Thursday, 11pm, (or binge watch 'em all later). Its got cross-generational appeal -- we'll wait and see what Gen Z has to say.

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