While news reports in America might give a lot of people the impression that life in Tel Aviv is full of excitement -- both of the good and the bad variety -- Israeli shoegaze band Vaadat Charigim say otherwise. Their newest video is for their song "Hashiamum Shokea" (or "The Boredom Sinks In"), the title track off their sophomore album (whose direct English translation is Sinking As A Stone). According to the band, the song aims to tackle the title's idea sonically "through plateau-like compositions that draw from the repetitiveness of ambient music" and lyrically with lines that relate what it's like to grow up in TLV amidst "repeated situations of war, demonstrations, injustice, prejudice...the endless drag of hopelessness in the region." To that end, the clip shows lead singer Juval Haring looking pensive and frustrated while local Tel Aviv artists and Haring's bandmates dance, swirl and eat in the background. "The protagonist is going nowhere, pondering boredom, god, and death," they tell us. We're excited to be premiering the video, above, and you can peep the group's tour dates HERE.
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