Island Of Lost Souls On Criterion Blu-ray & DVD is Perfect for Halloween

Out now on Criterion Blu-ray and DVD -- and perfect for Halloween -- is the classic 1933 shocker Island Of The Lost Souls, based on the novel by H. G. Wells. The author hated this movie version and, indeed, actor Charles Laughton has a field day as the nefarious mad scientist Dr. Moreau, who surgically experiments on exotic animals and turns them into humans in his laboratory (known by the man/beasts fearfully as the "house of pain"). Richard Arlen plays a shipwreck victim taken in by Moreau and who comes under the charms of Moreau's prize creation, Loto the panther woman (Kathleen Burke). Bela Lugosi also has a small role as the deformed "Sayer of the Law". Directed by Erle C. Kenton, the film was controversial at the time of its release and was banned in England for years. The finale, where the creatures revolt and serve their own justice on Moreau, is still chilling. 

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