So has anyone been watching the Isaac Mizrahi show on style channel? I had the past week off so I spent alot of time in front of the tube. Although at first, I think the Isaac show started off sluggishly I think it's kind of picked up. The more Isaac does this and the more his comfort level goes up with what he is doing, the more hilarious and spontaneous he's becoming. At first everyone and everything was cute and fabulous even stuff that wasn't cute and fabulous, but lately he's starting to show his colors and lose his patience and everything's fabulous-ness. His guests are kind of D list mostly with a Madonna and a Sarah Jessica here and there, so it's kind of hard for him to really keep getting it up about people like Rachael Ray (who is a complete knucklehead and can really go on your nerves).There were a couple of laugh out loud moments when he dragged the Duchess of York through Whole Foods talking about dieting and compulsively picked up various foods and naming their "points" (as in Weight Watchers). When Isaac asked Fergie if he should call her "princess"...he said "it's okay, you can call me a queen.". Oh, my God, and then he TORTURED the society babe Carolyn Roehm when she was on. She has a new book out about giftwrapping presents and Isaac tormented her til I thought she would storm off. It was hysterical.
The next thing that I can't wait to see on the STYLE channel is that new show coming out about relationships which is hosted by Wendy Diamond, that really funny pushy woman who has that dog magazine. (I think it's called "Animal Fair" or something). She's a riot. But still, I must say I'm not sold on the Style Network. Something about it seems to always "miss."

Don't get me started on tv. All I did for the past week was watch. I went to on demand and watched five straight hours of "Sleeper Cell"(which I loved). I even am tuning into LOGO (on the recommendation of Mr. Mickey) and find it pretty good actually. Much better than the Style Channel and better than alot of channels I must say. On the reality front, I am even watching religiously that show called "Whose Wedding is it Anyway." I'm losing it kids. This is what happens when I take a week off. PLEASE DONT HOLD THIS AGAINST ME.


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