Photo courtesy of Aric Snee

Designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe have designed a novel solution to a common problem: When you look 100 but bae is not around. Or maybe there is no bae. Or maybe there would be a bae but bae is playing and you want your possi-bae to think that maybe there is already a bae and that bae had better shape up or else they can wave your ass goodbye. Enter: The Selfie Arm, the logical extension of the "bae caught me sleeping" Instagram, the "I woke up like this" -- with full makeup and pouting lips -- selfie, and that series where the rich guy has his model girlfriend "lead him around the world."

While, sure, it's basically just a selfie stick with a fiberglass arm draped around it and the current prototype looks like you're holding the hand of an actual dead person, this is the kind of ironic idea that gains the same type of momentum and popularity with consumers as the pet rock or the chia pet. Plus, it could this be a way to sneak around those pesky selfie bans. "What's that?" you might say to security. "This is no selfie stick, this is a, uh, disembodied arm that I carry around for good luck." Guaranteed admission, every time.

[h/t Design Boom]
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