Kendall Jenner's modeling career got a big boost in November when it was announced that she'd star in a campaign for Estée Lauder and now, two months later, the results are in. As the new face of the cosmetic brand's 'Little Black Primer,' a tinted lash product that you can wear as a substitute for mascara, a primer to enhance volume and length, or a waterproof topcoat, Jenner appears clad in black and (we think) shooting a selfie. While the brand hasn't posted anything confirming that the first campaign image takes a page from Kendall's big sister's playbook, the photo appeared earlier on Fashionista, credited to Estée Lauder, and considering the fact that the company booked Kendall with hopes of tapping into her massive -- and young -- social media audience, a selfie shot seems particularly appropriate. We got a peek at another image from the shoot, below, and an accompanying video which shows Kendall clomping around and giving the "finger-in-the-air-rock-god-pose." Give it a watch, below.

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