Is It Just Us, Or Is The New Coldplay Song A Banger?

Coldplay has released a new single called "Adventure of a Lifetime," off their upcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams. It still has that soft, easy, "your mom will love this and you'll secretly listen to it while you're brushing your teeth in the morning and will never admit it to anyone because it would be embarrassing" feel, but is still a bit of a stylistic divergence for the band, turning into a full-on dance track. This is a canny move, since some other globally famous artists are also moving toward dance music (though of the electronic variety). In any case, the stoned college sophomore vibe of the album art should give you an indication of the kind of relentless Chris Martin-y positivity coming your way soon. Check out "Adventure of a Lifetime" when no one is looking, below. [via Noisey]

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