Hurricane Desmond, a gigantic North Atlantic storm, wreaked mild havoc in Ireland and parts of England over the weekend, with 100 mph winds and flooding.

No one felt the torrential horror greater than RTE reporter Teresa Mannion, who braved the storm in Galway, Ireland with thunderous and desperate drama that rivaled the intensity of the storm which, from this photo (of Teresa's crew)...

...seemed to be only effecting Teresa.

Mannion cries about how the "devastation" being reported "crystallizes just how TREACHEROUS the conditions are" in the Northwest of Ireland.

"DON'T MAKE unnecessary JOURNEYS!" Mannion yells. "Don't take risks and treacherous roads!!!!! And don't swim in the sea!!!"

You hear that???

Don't swim in the god damn sea!!!!

The sea, the sea, the eternal, rolling sea!!!

My new life motto? Don't swim in the sea!!!!

I'm going to get a tattoo on my forearm, or on my face, that says, "Don't swim the sea!!!!!"

Teresa, of course, has become an Internet memestar.

And this beautiful, shimmering offering:

Storm Queen Teresa Mannion You better stop before you... MAKE UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS.
Posted by on Monday, December 7, 2015

If everyone in the world had enough earnest desperation as Teresa, it would be a truly more empathetic place.

Or at least exciting.

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